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The Power of Positive Thinking in Achieving Success



Positive thinking is not a new concept. Visualization, manifestation, positive affirmations - all of these practices stem from the core concept of positive thinking. The key here is to channel your thoughts and mental energy toward the positive. You do this by consciously keeping your focus on good and productive things versus letting your mind slip into negative patterns or distractions.

When we let ourselves get too caught up in negative thoughts, we can quickly spiral out of control and become too focused on those things, instead of putting our focus into positive outcomes.

One of the biggest factors in achieving success is personal confidence. You have to be your own biggest cheerleader and believe in your ability to meet your goals and overcome obstacles. This idea of self-belief is a confidence-booster and will help to propel you to where you hope to be. But if you indulge in negative thoughts, you will do damage to your sense of confidence and allow self-imposed barriers to keep you from reaching those same goals.

Harnessing the power of positive thinking is not always easy, and forming it into a habit can take significant conscious effort at the start.

Here are a few tips to help you establish positive thinking as part of your daily thought process.

Have Your Motivation Or “Ultimate Goal” In Mind


Looking at sports psychology, you’ve probably heard the saying “picture the end-zone”. That kind of motivational mantra is also popular outside of sports, because it paints a picture and effectively makes the point. So what is your “end zone”?

What is your ultimate goal or motivation? Your reason WHY you do what you do? When you have your goal in mind, it’s easy to realign your focus because you’re able to visualize what it is you’re working towards. Having the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing will be the biggest booster in terms of morale and endurance. As you go forward towards your goals, whether they are professional or personal, you will always be met with resistance and barriers, but this is where you will lean on your “reason” to help keep your eyes on the prize.

Establish Your Ideal Self-Image


When you look in the mirror, how do you see yourself? Are you as confident and composed as you would like to be? Does your physical posture reflect a put-together, professional and strong individual? If not - is that what you’d like to see?

Take your self-image as it is at this moment and do personal inventory of what you see versus what you’d like to see. What qualities and characteristics are missing from your ideal self-image? This isn’t about the physical as much as it’s about your general perception of yourself. You, like most people, want to be viewed as strong and confident. So seeing it in the mirror will begin with believing it in your mind. So straighten up that posture - roll those shoulders back and tilt your chin up - and feel that added bit of height and stature happen naturally. Get into the habit of repeating some positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror each morning, as well. 

It may sound cheesy, but reciting positive statements in the mirror helps! It will boost your confidence, align your mental state with where you want it to be and trigger the power of manifestation. If you’re telling yourself each morning that you are a confident person with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with others, then the concept of strong communication will be top of your mind and you will make more of an effort to act on that affirmation throughout your day.

End Each Day With Gratitude


Gratitude is the attitude! It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives and issues that we often forget to keep perspective in terms of the bigger picture. By finishing the day with a sense of gratitude in our mind and heart, you allow yourself to think beyond your own immediate wants and needs and consider the world beyond. 

There are so many people in the world who are grappling with their own issues, from little to big. We are all so caught up in the bubble of our lives, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. Life is short, and time is precious. On any given day, there is so much to be grateful for. 

Gratitude and positive thinking are directly linked, because when you focus your thoughts on what it is you are grateful for, you’re forced to align with a positive mindset. By considering and expressing gratitude, you actively choose to focus your final thoughts for the day on the positive.

The power of positive thinking is vital to not only to achieving success, but most importantly, it is integral to your personal happiness. 

When you channel positive thoughts - those thoughts become positive behaviours and translate to positive actions - which in turn cements the foundation for a positive lifestyle. 

Your life is what you make of it and it’s important that you not waste time in negative thought spirals. You are what you do daily. This is why thinking, acting and even speaking to ourselves positively is so important. Establishing this ongoing self-support and encouragement is the key to making this positivity a habit that will soon form into an automatic lifestyle.

Be A Problem-Solver, Not A Problem Starter - And Avoid People Who Are


The reality is, there will always be things in life that throw us off course. We will get distracted, fall, and stumble off the path. This is how it goes. But obstacles in any form should never stop you from achieving your goals entirely. Learning to adapt to changing circumstances and pivot in other directions is the key to problem-solving. Get creative and be strong-willed about your end goals. No amount of roadblocks or delays should keep you from getting where you’re going.

Some people in life seem to enjoy drama. They seek out the negatives in every situation, and as the saying goes, “they’ve got a problem for every solution”. This is a sad and pointless way to go through life, but it does not have to be your path. 

Focus on solutions when you are met with issues, and resist the urge to pre-anticipate problems before they even present themselves (if they do, at all.)

As for the people who seem to thrive in that negative airspace - beware. You may not always get to choose the people around you, as is the case with coworkers and, unfortunately, some situations with certain family members, etc. But! You can set healthy boundaries and limit the time and exposure you give to them. Staying positive means protecting your energy at all costs. This is your right and it is a must!

Energy is contagious, and you should try to surround yourself with as much positive energy as possible. This means investing your time in like-minded individuals who share common values, are enthusiastic about their own goals, are proactive and positive themselves, and who can match your energy. 

The power of positive thinking is real and it will change your life. The best news is, you are entirely in control of this. It starts with you!

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